Saturday, April 17, 2010

napowrimo # 17

The prompt is to write about one of the essentials:  Fire, Water, Wind, Earth.  This took me a long time - found myself going on at great length.  Taught me to cut to the quick!

             “In earth as quiet as thy father's skull.” King Richard II, IV i

Where worms poop
and bacteria flourish
in wet muddy bubbles,
telluric bowels
of clay and silt,
in darkest silence of
mold and fungus,
our dead regenerate
into fertile soil, a
cycle that’s worked
for a very long time.
This much we know.

       Wanda McCollar


  1. Very nice. If this is your long poem cut to the quick you cut it most beautifully.

  2. Thanks, Sheila. It was 4x longer, but I found as I cut nothing was lost but blah, blah, you know. A lesson I needed to learn.

  3. i had to laugh at yr comments there w/ya!!!... i like the idea of dying death and regeneration you have portrayed.. it seems so natural as it should be... sirocco

  4. Every line has something to say. Overall it reminds us that ths life, and death, we all take so seriously, is after all, just a process.

  5. Why did this bring a smile to my face?
    Probably because it is so matter of fact...Love your style!

  6. This is a great earth poem. It's consoling to understand and trust in the natural order of things. I really like the whole short poem. And I'm especially drawn to the lines "our dead regenerate into fertile soil."

  7. Some great imagery. This being distilled from a longer piece provides us with the sweet liquor at the end of the process.