Thursday, April 22, 2010

napowrimo # 22

Prompt is for a Wordle.  Use one, some, or all of the folllowing words: reverberate, dizzy, squall, tomorrow, emporium, flinch, fierce, rust, saffron, pepper, tendril, crow.  I got all but 2.

Tide’s Turned

First, tendrils of smoke crept under the door,
then, the fierce pungent squall of
grandpa’s medical marijuana burst forth
as we entered his bedroom, reverberations
of his laughter peppered with colorful invectives
greeting us in the laden air, making us even dizzier.
Propped by pillows, sitting on top of his covers
wearing red pajamas, worn slippers and his saffron
smoking jacket - “No rust on me,” he crowed.
He was happier than I’d seen him in a decade.
Not Mary’s doing, Apple’s. He had an iPad
and could read again, write again. “Tomorrow,”
chuckled our nonagenarian, “ I start writing my memoirs.”

                                   Wanda McCollar

(This inspired by a news item in tonight's CNN about a 99 year old gal overjoyed she can see to read and write again by using her new iPad.  Hooray for technology!)


  1. Old age is looking better all the time!

  2. Thanks for sharing this. Fun poem.

  3. Wanda,
    This is fantastic.

  4. Love the bit about 'granpa's medical marijuana'.

  5. No rust, indeed! Fun stuff & good work.

  6. Haha, awesome... a perfect and timely (especially given what Tuesday was) vignette.

  7. So Germany has medical marijuana? How civilized!

  8. Just think of the treasures yet to be revealed to a waiting world!

  9. Wanda, gratitude for the visual side trip to the age of Aquarius and the fun family photo. The more time passes, the more fun those years appear.