Thursday, April 29, 2010

napowrimo # 29

The prompt - take several headlines from today's newspapers, select words from them and make a new headline. Write your poem about that.

Asteroid Poisoned Earth’s Origin

It’s clear a mistake has been made
the learned scientists said.
When the earth was forming
a huge poisoned glob
of an exploded planet
fell into our mix and altered
our nucleotide chaining.
To make the story shorter,
we are shorter
than we are supposed to be
in the Universe scale of things.
Of course we built our houses,
machine guns, tanks, accordingly.
Stephen Hawking says
stop advertising our presence
we only have to look at ourselves
to know what we should fear
from aliens, and he’s right, except
for one factor -
they are also much, much larger.
All of them.
Have a pleasant day!

                       Wanda McCollar


  1. I'm really curious to see which headlines this grew from, because even any small part of this situation would be fascinating to learn about. :)

  2. New Leak Found in Sunken Oil Rig
    Rabbi Tells Pope to Fight Sex Abuse by Family Dinners
    Bush May Have Been Poisoned
    Asteroid May Back Earth’s Water Origin

    Asteroid may have poisoned earth’s water/Pope/family dinners/earth’s origin

    Here are today's headlines I considered, and then my thinking of what to use - but finally ended up using only 2 of the headlines.

  3. Now you've got me wondering, Wanda. Just how big might these aliens be?! (Pity you didn't choose the Rabbi and the Pope.)

  4. I know - it would have been braver to choose the Rabbi and the Pope.