Thursday, April 15, 2010

napowrimo # 15

The prompt is to take a failed poem, select a part of it, and find its tune by singing it. Keep the part of the poem that matches a tune, throw away the rest of it, and write two more stanzas.  Excellent prompt.  I have many failed poems - tried singing parts of them all day.  Finally became "stuck" with  this one.  Though I could find no tune to match it - I really tried.  Did everything the prompt asked - found a sort of rythmn - threw the rest away, wrote a refrain and two new stanzas based on that rythmn.  But there's no song here.

A Dream After Six Months of Chemo

I’m flat on a silver platter
I too was silver but now I’m flatter
left eye pressed down wetly dark
right eye up in dry bright light
hey nonny nonny, up the falls we go.

My inner liquid’s gone, dry, dry
left side of me in this odd pond
doesn’t help, my gills don’t move
and it doesn’t seem to matter
hey nonny nonny, up the falls we go

Green and white vegetables circle me
they don’t care but our two kinds
are to be ingested by another species
and it doesn’t matter anymore.
hey nonny nonny, up the falls we go.

                            Wanda McCollar


  1. Hi Wanda,

    Would you be a salmon by any chance?!

  2. hey this is a great ditty of a tune... chemo??!! can give anyone strange dreams... i recall

  3. wow....lots going on here.....well sung and thanks for sharing your words

  4. This is spectacular... love the bits of repetition mixed with the solid imagery and the thoughts behind it. The title adds a layer waiting to be mined.