Wednesday, April 14, 2010

napowrimo # 14

This is like the Cleave prompt in only one way.  It's something I've been fooling with - a new form of my own, perhaps.  My intention is to weave, like tapestry.  Thus there is a relation, symbiotic or otherwise, between the third line and the first two of the next triplet in every stanza - a weaving.  That relationship is not metric, not rhyme - but something intrinsically related - a texture, a sound, a motion, an intention.  I was going to go up to the town of Speyer today to take a picture of the Rhein to go with this - but ran out of time.

Rhein Tapestry

Over rocks, slippery grass
where strawberries run wild
we walk the riverside

ripples of pigeons
in quick formations
home to their whistle

salutes from barges
pass each other
moving smoothly

low gray clouds sail over
storks’ nests settled
above chimney walls

crossed with dark beams
the town’s old white houses
lean together

umbrellas touching
we do not hurry
this last talk

once woven will
never unravel.

       Wanda. McCollar


  1. Ooh very clever! That works really well. Reminds me a bit of the "ask your mother for sixpence" type rhymes, only infinitely less vulgar :)

  2. So each line 1 2and 3 are poems making one whole poem.This is more than a cleave.It's a

  3. Yes, each stanza of 3 lines is a separate poem, but more challenging - the 3rd line of each stanza must complete its own stanza and relate in some significant way to the next stanza. I
    am positive I didn't invent this - but am intrigued by it.