Thursday, April 1, 2010

napowrimo - April 1

OK - I have pledged to write a poem to a given prompt every day for the month of April. The first prompt this morning was to "shuffle" one's iPod and use the first five titles intact in the poem, no matter what comes up.

Rather than a shuffle (I have an iPod Touch) I touched a spot blindly in the index and asked for a Genius Playlist. These were the first five titles: Oh Deed I Do, On an Island, The Ghost of Tom Joad, Fisherman’s Blues, Pale Blue Eyes

Got the Blues Tonight

The night is cold,
a pale blue moon
hangs in the bare branches
of the elm tree
outside my back door,
and here comes the ghost
of Tom Joad sitting
on an island of blue mist
drifting over my snowy
field of stubbled corn stalks.
He’s strummin’ his guitar
and singin’ fisherman’s blues
about whales ablowin’,
specks of cold blue sea spray
glisten in his pale blue eyes
and I think that’s pretty odd
for a man from Oklahoma,
Oh, deed I do.

Wanda McCollar


  1. Hi, Wanda. I love the humorous twist. I'll be back. And I invite you to discover my work at - Greg =)

  2. Oh deed you did.

    A fine and fun day one.


  3. Wonderfully done! Love it!

  4. This is gorgeous Wanda.Loved the ending.

    Don't know whether you are on the fringe of things like I am but just thought I'd let you know that RWP is closing down at the end of April
    and there is a discussion going on over at Ravens Wing (nicole)

  5. nice images, and clever. Good stuff.

  6. Love "specks of cold blue sea spray/glisten in his pale blue eyes." The song titles worked seamlessly into this piece. Love it!

  7. Thank you, everyone. This was an easy poem to write.