Thursday, April 8, 2010

napowrimo # 8

The prompt for April 8 is another love poem - this time using metaphors to tell the love story.  It seems I used allusions more than metaphors. 

Miss Muffet

Her mother referred to him as Pinocchio
but she was naive, her beau’s nose was normal
and his pants were not burned away.

Her father warned he was a Shylock,
his purse strings tighter than an anal sphincter
but she was naive and blushed, “Oh, Dad!”

“He’s a Lothario, Sis, he’ll break your heart,”
and she cried and stopped speaking to her brother.
Naive she was, he’d never betray her.

She loved loving him, her mind was blind
and so they married, which worked
until the day she lost her naivety.

                      Wanda McCollar


  1. Your last tercet cuts to the quick. Nice work!

  2. Hi, Wanda. I like Miss Muffett as naive admirer. And just the words "anal sphincter" are enough to make me laugh! =)

  3. Thanks- I'm grateful for your comments. Miss Muffet may not be the overarching metaphor I wanted. Looking for an illustration I found - it, ahem, has other implications.

  4. and that was good wanda... i laughed and sighed with those familar characters.... and yeah, my house too is a wreck... tho i did do the dishes this morning... the rest of my life i need to catch up on... repairable repartee

  5. Yeah, there's a lot going on here, is naivety a sort of blindness?

  6. The allusions make the poem more interesting.
    Neat concept.