Tuesday, April 20, 2010

napowrimo # 20

Write a poem about a hero.

Ode to the Caped Crusader

You know, Batman, you made more sense to me
than that other guy in the blue tights, after all –
how could he fight crime on a reporter’s pay
even if he didn’t have to buy plane tickets,
better to be a rich philanthropist and have a batmobile, batplane
and all those cool gadgets stashed away in your bat cave.
I understand the utility belt
and the boots and bat cape and the need to fight crime
but I was disappointed you chose Robin
it should’ve been Batman and Wanda,
lord knows my skinned knees proved I practiced.

                                                Wanda McCollar


  1. Wonderful...though I prefer that he chose Robin to Wanda!! :P Seriously, this is clever and fun.

  2. I agree it should have been Batman and Wanda.
    LOL.Keep us up to date with the volcanic eruptions.You haven't grown little green horns yet, I hope?

  3. Such a pity, Wanda, but you were with him in spirit!