Wednesday, April 28, 2010

napowrimo # 28

The prompt calls for another "aha" moment.  This really happened to me, I'm not making it up.  I  changed the personna of the narrator, so that it would be more feasible.  But this happened to me - I have no TV, in my defense.

Golden Sex

For an old gal I’m pretty hep
not fazed by terms like transvestite,
transgender, genderqueer, two spirit
or any androgyne. I keep in step.
Live and let live I always say.
Nope, genders don’t bother me
grammatical , sexual, or third,
neutered nouns, or splat pronouns,
if you get my meaning.
But driving to work the other day
I heard a new one on the radio.
What in the heck is golden sex?
They were really negative, angry.
The Senate put golden sex on display
(mercy me!) and the government
banned the practice, media’s bashing it.
How dirty can it be?
My imagination gets the best of me.
Glad I didn’t work up the courage to ask
before I saw that article this morning
– about Goldman Sachs.

                       Wanda McCollar


  1. You see Wanda that is what I meant when I said you would fit in with POW so well.Am still laughing....hilarious.Delightful.

  2. Bet it still made you feel dirty though, Wanda!

  3. Right on, Derrick, right on.

    Ral, Dan, Footprints - thank you. It wrote itself, actually.

  4. Well Wanda I havent read many of your poems...I try to read as many as i can...but well it is difficult....Golden Sex certainly pulled me in..
    We live in the Canadian Rockies...just outside of GOLDEN B.C. Canada......and both me and my partner are certainly in our GOLDEN years...and enjoying it all...thanks for your wonderful poem Wanda

  5. Hey Wanda--That was great! Was enjoying the first several lines, but...well, the last one was awesome!

  6. Golden sex is when you convince the other person to do all the work and then, extremely rudely, don't reciprocate. Then you go before the Supreme Court and say you didn't do anything wrong. :D

  7. Thank you, All - I just had to laugh when I realized - probably also need a hearing aid!

  8. I still laugh at this poem. I wish you all the best for the New Year and I am sorry to learn of your health issues.Please get well and maybe produce some of that wry witty fantastic poetry of yours!