Saturday, April 24, 2010

napowrimo # 24

For April 24 - select a phrase from Shakespeare, the Bible, or other sources and let it inspire a poem.  I chose "We have seen better times" from Timon of Athens  by William Shakespeare.  The form I used is an Elizabethan sonnet, which seemed appropriate.

We Have Seen Better Times

This growing old would get the best of you,
if you didn’t know it’s nature’s cunning play
for each body part in turn to bid adieu.
Could be your hearing’s first to sneak away,
poor fool, you’ll miss the gist but never know.
Your eyesight’s maybe next to go astray,
what’s written BIG is rarely apropos.
Joints’ cries then quite naughtily surprise
for pain, with knee, or neck it’s quid pro quo,
and muscles, well – fallen dough doesn’t rise
but no harm, you’re too pooped to miss the fun.
If you’re lucky your mind is the last that flies,
if not, these problems’ll bother you none.
So, watch it go, and laugh it up until it’s done.

                            Wanda McCollar


  1. Wanda, you have written a poignantly funny poem here. I love sonnets (though can't write them!) and it's so nice to see the modern language in this. Great!

  2. Like Derrick, I so admire sonnets and those who can write them! "for each body part in turn to bid adieu"... very nice.

  3. Ditto Wanda. This is a great sonnet.

  4. A worthy sonnet on a worthy theme, Wanda.

  5. Good for you Wanda for tackling the sonnet.
    I find rhyme very difficult to write.

  6. Me too, Ral - very difficult. There's a tendency for it to be funky sounding. It's really a struggle to get the right rhyming words. Takes a very long time. I do admire the sonnet form, though. This is only the second sonnet I've ever tried to write. Being almost 80, I "feel" this poem! Thank you all for your comments.