Sunday, April 11, 2010

napowrimo # 11

Prompt is to write about a choice you should have made in life, but didn't.  Or to dig deeper, and write about a person you disconnected with along the way.  A very difficult prompt.

To A Dear Friend I Misplaced

Yesterday on the beach near Cannery Row
under an incredibly blue sky, our baby daughters
patted the sand with tiny flat red shovels,
and we prattled of possible drooping
breasts and butts, giggled about what
sex had become, and other ironies.
We thought we heard the rumbling laughter
of John Steinbeck join us in the soft briny air.

But I flew that ocean, live half a world away.
Now we’re old gals and I bet you’re amazed we are.
Little else surprises us, everything droops.
Oh, we have some pity for our daughters,
their children now teenagers.
We should have consoled each other
while all that was going on.

I still see us watching our babies play,
as we tempered our troubles with laughter.
Not giving up our expectation of miracles,
someday we’ll sit on that white sand again,
look out over the sparkling waters and tell 
the good stories to sustain us.

                            Wanda McCollar

                   photograph by Aurelie Young


  1. You've evoked so many shades of friendship here, Wanda. And achieved that elusive quality of heartfelt warmth without gushing sentimentality. Both your candour and wisdom shine through. I love the final phrase: "and tell the good stories to sustain us." Bravo! =)

  2. I love this. My poem has similar sentiments if you want to check it out. A lost friendship is indeed a sad thing.

  3. Splendid memories and feelings here... the last stanza rings out with the sense that it's never too late to make that re-connection somehow, and I like that. :)