Friday, April 23, 2010

napowrimo # 23

Today's prompt: place your narrator in a situation she/ he would not normally encounter.

The Flower Child Who Became a Flower

I’m back! Peace, brothers!
So what am I? A marigold?
Outtasight! Don’t need bread ,
don’t need a crash pad.
I dig that. But, if I’m a marigold
I’m a better looking one than anyone here -
good stem, fine leaves
great petals. I feel my essence.
So, what happened to you guys,
you look terrible, all chewed up.
You gotta mellow out.
The pigs do that to you?
You fought back, right? That don’t work.
Passive resistance – that’s the ticket.
Peace and love. I see we’re
in the front row here, right where
the fuzz can get at us.
What is this –the People’s Park?
I’ll show you how to go with the flow.
I’ll have you all lookin as good as me
in no time. So who’re these
big slow snail dudes moving in?
Groovy! Peace and love, brothers!

                             Wanda McCollar

note: In many countries marigolds are planted solely to lure snails away from the rest of the garden.


  1. They say that when you reincarnate into a lower form (such as human -> plant), you must've done something wrong in your previous life. Oh, flower children. :)

  2. Petal power? I've seen the decimation those snail dudes can wreak!

  3. Peace and love Wanda. Cool!

  4. Phew, companion planting! I like the way you wrote this.

  5. standing still
    facing fate
    cheerful bravery