Wednesday, April 7, 2010

napowrimo # 7

Prompt # 7 calls for a Tanka - five lines with the turning point at line 3.  It must be about love, and humorous. 

Love Unrequited

He wondered if chocolates would be appropriate.
He pictured the surprise, the adoration, in her soft brown eyes.
Bravely he placed three chocolates from his pocket on her desk.
And she was surprised by the much-handled linty candy.
He had made his move. About time, he was almost eight.

                                            Wanda McCollar


  1. good tanka Wanda...thanks for this

  2. lucky he didn't leave a pet frog... i thought you played it perfectly... that cautious young love never grows weary... erotic engine

  3. That's great! Percocious young boy!

  4. Fun tanka. That's a beautiful picture of flowers, btw, on the top of the page.

  5. Wanda,
    Oh, my how sweet is this! I just love it!

  6. You so tricked me, I would not have guessed such a young adoration. Well done!

  7. Surprise!-Irene

  8. Thank you all for your comments. This is the end of Third Quarter - grades for students must overide my comments. But I'll make it up in the days to come.

    Cara - thanks! The flowers are from the Schwetingen Castle grounds just a few miles from here - great place for early morning walking with camera handy.