Saturday, August 15, 2009

Two Tweets and a Twitt from very long ago

Tweet Tweet Twitt

Yonder she sits at table spoon poised over her hot broth's froth
listening to church bells knoll. Serenity amidst bustle. I think I love her.

Now a knave hitches his sagging hose and approaches his features
coarse his smile salacious. I fling myself at the brazen-faced varlet.

Willie, if you slack your duties I'll clip your tweeter. O woe is me to
have a son who takes up time to rant such foolishness.

Wanda McCollar

The prompt is found here


  1. Great work - I love the word "varlet" thank you for introducing me to it!

  2. Anyone who likes Will and uses
    varlet'a pox upon thee oh, thy rotund varlet'gets full marks from this personally prejudiced teacher.

  3. Joanne - Thank Willie! I swiped "varlet" from him.

    Rall - Thanks for the full marks!

  4. Hello Wanda,

    This is fun, methinks!

  5. Wonderful! Your use of language and this week's words is masterful.

  6. I love the format - the short "tweets," which are very modern, conveying an old story.

  7. wanda i thought this a lovely piece this morning. really like the sass of the narrator, and your use of the challenge words play well with the scene, nothing out of place and conveying a fine story. -lawrence

  8. Thank you all. I really appreciate your comments.

    I had an idea of writing poetical tweets 140 characters each using those words. But as I worked with it - it turned itself into Tweets by Shakespeare and his long-suffering Mom - and the total absurdity of that was really fun. Then, I realized I had to change the language to match his times! Thanks RWP. This was fun.

  9. from Therese B. at RWP -- Wanda, no, I have no trouble leaving a comment on your site. I'm still a newbie at RWP, so I'm trying to figure out the protocol. When I left a comment about your poem on the RWP site, I hadn't yet figured out that most RWP commments go directly to the poet's own website. From now on, I'll do that.