Wednesday, December 2, 2009


November was National Novel Writing Month. Write a novel during the month's 30 days - 50,000 words required to "win." I managed it - 50,000 words. It became easier as I went along. My characters took up their own lives and trotted off in their own directions. Amazing process.

Of course - it's a jumble of twisted threads - rather like a knitting basket the cat's been paying in. It's going to take patient effort to untangle/edit. And many more words. Tentative title is "Walking Backwards." Could change. -


  1. Congratulations Wanda.What a feat!

  2. Thank you rallentanda! You should try it next year. It seems impossible at first, but each day your writing becomes more natural, more flowing,easier, and actually fun. Your characters begin to emerge, assume their own lives. I'm serious. Mostly - it's wonderful to see - writing such a thing as an entire book is indeed possible. (Now to revise.)